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'THUNDER' Power in Salesforce (IoT)

'THUNDER' Power in Salesforce (IoT)


Quadrant (Magic) leader in CRM -Salesforce is scaling up on the latest Buzzword - Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is and will be affecting the world through its human free transfer of large quantum of data over the network.


What a better name than 'THUNDER' being christened to power the leader in this space for Salesforce. Thunder is a phenomenally scalable, real time event processing engine.


Below are the 3 key tenants on which Thunder is envisaged:



What will it allow: CONNECTIVITY!!


With the Power of Thunder, Salesforce equips the organizations to connect and capture tsunami of data from every source -be it Hand held devices, sensors if any, websites, PoS, social media or any other channel of interaction or data capture. The biggest source of data generation is Smartphone followed by social media. As of now there are exabytes of data being created daily with little or no use. This data 'dump' first needs to be connected and captured.


Data assimilation: Organizations need to not only capture these data threads but have the ability to traverse through data, search, analyze as well be able to present in meaningful format for deriving benefits. With the help of tools - in house and external, the large volumes of data captured from multiple sources can be traversed to understand patterns and significant events and allow for real time action (triggers).


Informed and outcome oriented interaction: The ultimate aim is to take the right decision to affect outcomes. Once the data is converted to meaningful and actionable intelligence, users can leverage salesforce to proactively reach out to their prospects and customers for intelligent interactions and ensuring a focused and informed decision making. This is about moving from system of records to systems of intelligence.


Multiple cloud based analytical tools are in play empowering business users to derive actionable intelligence on click of a button--real time. Since devices and sensors will be key in this equation, machine learning and algorithms start gaining importance in the intelligent decision cycle. Organizations will thus start banking on artificial intelligence to reduce if not eliminate human intervention.


In this field of technology the quest is to move from unaware / unknown to being proactive and ultimately predictive. Being predictive through juggling of data, deriving actionable intelligence and outcome oriented action will be key in times to come.




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