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Uncover the potential of NLP in SCM & EAM

What is NLP?

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is a combination of ML (Machine Language) & AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is also referred as Computational Linguistics, which enable humans to interact with machines and data through text/voice based natural conversations. These interactions are typically enabled through Chatbots or voice enabled devices. We have been interacting with computers in the language they understand, but NLP platforms enable computers to understand human language. NLP frameworks with the help of AI/ML, can process structured (e.g., tables) or unstructured data (e.g., news feeds, social media, mails) for needs such as sentiment analysis.

Opportunities with NLP Solutions

Usage of voice enabled devices grew multifold in last 2 years and the trend is expected to continue with much faster adoption rate. It is also expected that significant increase of millennials in the workforce, who are more inclined towards smart devices and ready for change. Current NLP market is around 7B and it is expected to grow by more than 100% to 16+ Billion by 2021.

It is inevitable that, the traditional way of application interactions will decline briskly and users will adopt to NLP based solutions in no time. Typical web based (or mobile app based) navigational experience requires user to guide the system in constrained way to complete the work, but with NLP, machine understands human interactions and guide user at every step.

Potential of NLP in SCM/EAM functions

SCM/EAM applications typically store the data in structured format and majority of the data that needs to be processed in SCM/EAM functions will be based on the structured data, which includes data collected from IoT. However, there will be cases where unstructured data might need to be processed depending on the customer needs such as collecting the feedback through social media and provide insights to business for sentiment analysis etc. When we look at the traditional web based applications, a lot business functions/actions on these applications are repetitive & common in nature. Most of these functions can be enabled for smart interactions through NLP solutions. Some of them are...

  • Self-guided Personal Assistant

Searches (e.g., WO, PM, JP, Assets), Status Changes, Log Comments/Remarks, Schedule/reschedule the work, create incidents/SRs/WOs

e.g., User can leverage NLP (Text or voice based Chatbot) to create an incident by asking "Create Incident" and follow the guided steps to complete.

  • BI/Data Insights

Pending critical work, high value invoices waiting for approvals, productivity metrics, score cards, analyze IoT data streams.

e.g., User is in the meeting and need to report a quick metric to the management. Instead of running the reports, applying various filters and analyze the data, he/she may ask "what is the labor productivity as of last week". Any further filters required can be assisted by self-guided text/voice based solutions (Chatbots, voice devices etc.)

NLP Benefits in business

Supply Chain is a natural fit for NLP/AI. There are countless benefits with NLP in the business applications. NLP can be leveraged to improve the efficiency in the processing of data/media/documents, enhance the ability to get the answers for user questions from large/big data store and analysis of unstructured data such as documents & free text. Listed below are some of the benefits to both IT and business functions.

In EAIS-SCM, we have built 3 NLP solutions for over 70 usecases addressing needs in Work & Asset Management, Supply Chain Management and SCM/EAM Data Insights areas.

Do you want to experience the future of NLP in SCM/EAM business functions with text or voice based interactions?


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