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Futuristic usage of Chatbots in Hotel, Insurance industries

What a start to the Decade, the beginning was rather normal and hardly there was any clue on how it's going to be, with only China under the clutches of COVID - 19 but as the days went by, everything went topsy-turvy. The whole World has been gasping for breath and Nature has once again stamped its supremacy driving each and everyone to have their own individual and collective realizations on how to go about living.

Somehow very few Countries came out as obedient Students of Life and they are enjoying the benefits of it, sans lock down and freedom much to the envy of rest of the World's population. But rest of the World is still grappling with the question of how to overcome it and watching the tracker daily.

The current Pandemic has taught us many things right from going back to old Culture of washing hands/legs after coming back to Home, covering face, reaching out to others to provide comfort, etc. and also forcing innovations to happen at all levels. Who would have thought that railway coaches would be converted into temporary wards, migrants forced to walk thousands of kilometres, Police using drones to locate people who are brewing local alcohol in the outskirts, neither rich nor poor spared and equally susceptible!!!

Our lives have changed for sure and in that context, would like to share my views on how Chatbots can be used in Hotel and Insurance Industries in the future.

Hotel Industry:

  • Through IoT (internet of Things), Customer to be guided for Car parking.
  • An on-premise Chatbot mobile app which can be downloaded and installed while in the premise of Restaurant alone and will automatically get uninstalled as soon as the respective bill is settled.
  • This app to guide guests to vacant appropriate table based on number of people.
  • Both text and voice input command and output to be supported.
  • Customers can browse through menu in the app and order online. Order confirmation and periodic updates on the order to be shown in the app.
  • Provision to chat in Customer's native language would be supported.
  • Enquire on Ingredients, energy value can be done.
  • Through IoT, integration with Health tracker app for food consumed.
  • For Physically challenged people, touch based ordering and voice control to come to rescue.
  • Drones to keep surveillance of the premise to ensure that cleanliness is maintained and sanitizing is performed as and when any spillage happens or a table is vacated.
  • Even more sophisticated Restaurants can deploy Humanoid robots with Chatbot integrated which can read out menu, take order and deliver it to table. It also can socialize with Customer by talking about weather, general affairs based on the configuration done in Chatbot (Small Talk feature).

Insurance Industry:

Integrated mobile app that consists of Location Based Services (LBS) and Chatbot. LBS to send precise location (accident area) details to Police Station, Insurer, Family members and to send precise pictures of accident and vehicle damaged area. Chatbot to answer queries on steps to be taken post-accident.

Benefits for Customers:

  • Chatbot to alert nearest Police station on the accident post taking consent from Customer.
  • Alerts Insurer on the accident post taking consent from Customer.
  • Nearest Hospital / Clinic suggestion based on with (sustained minor injuries) or without (emergency situation) answering few queries.
  • Suggestion on possible pictures to be taken on the vehicle damaged.
  • To check whether Vehicle Insurance is still valid.
  • How much Claim can be availed?
  • Alerts Family members based on Emergency Contact setting.
  • Suggestions on nearest Vehicle Service Center.

Benefits for Insurer:

  • Check Claim History
  • Gauge potential damage to Vehicle and arrive at Claim issuance amount
  • Processing of images digitally






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