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Digital transformation Strategy : Part 1 - find your customers voice

Very recently, I came across  a comment of Bill Patterson  from Salesforce in  Gartner report 2020 - Salesforces  is committed to constant innovation ; Salesforce is helping companies quickly adapt to new challenges ...and provide the best experiences for their customers , employees and communities .


Today, I take this opportunity to write as part of the Digital transformation strategy how to find your  customers voice ? 

For a long time customer engagement if its BFSI , Automobile , any other domain included calling up customer service , sending email and (fax long back ) , etc. to get know status of their queries , complaints and issues . That is is getting changed ..... As the voice for digital transformation grows across domain globally - customer portal is becoming a integrated part of the digital transformation and is one of the key pillar for success . Salesforce communities enables the customers  in various ways and in this article we will focus on the same.


Customers can be enabled using below functional capabilities from Salesforce communities :


  • Self service capability
  • Security
  • Mobile enablement - ease of collaboration from any device
  • Creating a branded community for the brand
  • Customers should be able to see data coming from multiple systems at one place for example status of a product to be delivered
  • Expert groups to guide customers
  • Enabling the customer service team with knowledge articles
  • Case management
  • Community engagement management
  • And more ...


Salesforce enables digital transformation from technology perspective by bringing all the business functionalities to enable the customers using salesforce communities which are scalable with a lightning UI to make a intuitive interface .


I would like to take a classic  example of a laptop manufacturer who wants to engage with his prospective customer  . The digital transformation for such case can also involve enabling customers to salesforce customer portal to track the entire journey  in terms of status from placing of the order till the customer receives the good . Additionally post receipt of the laptop , the customer can ask queries \ reach out to customer service \ experts using the self service capability . We will keep use of Salesforce commerce cloud for placing the order for separate discussion in my forthcoming articles . Salesforce commerce cloud enables the customers to have a seamless experience for the shoppers \ prospective customers .


The customer can track the conversation on the go using a mobile intuitive interface and get a feel of the branded community which will be more engaging and appealing .


At the back end, the laptop manufacturer will be fulfilling the information by bringing information from multiple application and offering a seamless one view to the consumer .


We can engage better with the consumers  by creating expert groups and a consumer can qualify to be part of the group if he wishes to . There will be various levels of such experts and they will be given certain score based on their contribution and they can avail special offers during festival season in order to attract and retain them as part of brand management


We will also have customer service team enabled using salesforce service cloud who will answer queries using knowledge article , this will reduce the average time required to handle the query .


Also customers can be enabled to create cases if their queries go answered or they want to do so . We can also plan for escalation management of the issue based on certain criteria.

Thus Salesforce brings lot of process automation and transformation in the way the end customer is engaged . 

Sky is the limit as salesforce communities has matured over the years and the offerings have improved . Pls stay tuned to my next article for continuation ...till than - thanks everyone .



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