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March 31, 2015

Mapping the politics of cartography

Increasingly, we use the Internet to find immediately useful - local, time-sensitive - information: not just "Who invented Pasta?" but also "What's a good Italian place nearby, how do I get there, how long is it open, and will it deliver?". 

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March 6, 2015

Scientist and Mommy

The piece below was written in 2009 as a "feature" for what was at the time a new information portal for bioscience research in India, .  This website has since grown to be an active forum of blogs, job postings, information on meetings and much more.  My essay below describes my journey during the critical first 10 years of setting up my lab in TIFR, Mumbai after my PhD and postdoctoral training in the USA.  I often get asked what the process was like, and another frequent question "is it hard to manage a career and children in India?"  or "how do you juggle all the demands of being a scientist and a mommy?"  Here is my story. 

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