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Infosys' day out at the annual itSMF AZ LIG summit

It was an awesome day today. To follow up on my previous post about our participation at the annual itSMF Arizona Local Interest Group summit, this was indeed the day for sharing best practices - a packed, day-long event filled with industry veterans and luminaries. 

The list of speakers was like a who's who of the industry. One just would not have missed the morning caffeine in any way! From Forrester's Evelyn Oerlich, to Gartner's John Rivard and HP's Ken Wendle, the list had many who shared their insights on what was current, what worked and what did not.

With all of this,our own consultants were at the show, led by Aswin Kumar, speaking on the subject of 'Governing your SaaS based ITSM tools'.

I guess everyone agreed to the fact that inspite all the advances to ITSM technologies, standards and management practices, the key to successful ITSM transformational programs lay in the 'People' aspect.

Every program can make or break itself based on the ability of the IT leadership to either lead or not lead on the people front. This requires not only a core appreciation of the culture of the organization but also a deep understanding of the people levers - the strengths and weaknesses of potential leaders and team players. Often this takes time and involvement within an organization - better absorbed by taking in the 'long view' of organization needs and growth.

I think from our perspective, we came away with a view that our approach and direction to our customer's transformational needs stood validated in every way.

On a lighter note, there were an incredible number of visitors with lots of give-aways and raffle prizes for the attendees. From the ubiquitous iPads to annual subscriptions of SaaS based software, there was something for everyone.

Most participants came away with a day filled with learning and fun. The industry of IT Service Management continues to evolve and add greater value to businesses everywhere.

Looking forward to the next one!


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