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ITSMF Australia "Cloud Service Mgmt SIG" launched in Victoria

ITSMF Australia SIG on "Cloud Service Management" was successfully launched on 14th March at the Infosys Docklands office in Melbourne. We had a great group of around 25 participants gathered to share their experiences on cloud service management. Topics discussed were various cloud service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS!!), their impact on Service Management functions such as financial management, compliance issues and participants experiences of cloud services among others. What a session it was !

To note just a couple of interesting points that the group discussed ...

On configuration management - what CIs will CMDB capture for elements on Public Cloud Infrastructure? One way is to capture public cloud infrastructure elements as "Service CIs" in the CMDB with the relevant CI attributes. However, the challenge to discover and track them needs to be addressed. On the other hand - do the public cloud elements of infra / service really need to be captured into the CMDB, given that the resolution liability will be with the public cloud provider along with the SLAs. In which case, the only requirement would be to provide Cloud Service Reports for transparency and tracking.  

On roles - if in future all the services, applications and infrastructure will be on the cloud, then predominantly the roles of internal IT would be that of service integrators. Interesting thought ! One insightful experience quoted from an organisation was where specific service roles such as cloud service architect and cloud service packaging were defined for greater focus on initial private cloud capability building.

Potential topics for next SIG session noted were - Financial Management, Cloud Skills for Service Managers or Fundamentals of Cloud Technology for effective cloud service management. Keep watching the ITSMF Australia Events page for the exact date and topic for "Cloud Service Management" SIG.

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