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ITSMF Australia, Victoria Chapter, launching new Special Interest Group on "Cloud Service Management"

Cloud has started to become ubiquitous in the world of technology and none of the practitioner discussions or plans are complete without keep cloud technologies on the horizon. Till a few years back, Service Management professionals were busy in discussions on - how do they need to change their management methods in order to manage the cloud? Compare that with the present, where the cloud technology has matured such that it is being used as one of the critical vehicles to deliver service management.


With a view to enable experience sharing within the community and for service management professionals to take advantage of peer knowledge, ITSMF Australia Victoria Chapter is launching a Special Interest Group (SIG) on Cloud Service Management. The first SIG will be held on 14th March 2012 in the Infosys Docklands office at Melbourne, Australia. Topics of interest for discussion are quite open and some of topics to be discussed may be Service Management for Cloud, Impact of Cloud on Processes, Cloud use cases for efficiency and effectiveness, Skills and trainings for Cloud readiness, etc.


Join us at the launch of this "Cloud Service Management Special Interest Group", an open discussion moderated by me and my colleague Rishi Pattnaik. Visit the event page to register and find more details on the session.

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