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The Infrastructure Testing Inception Story ...

Today is an exciting day for us - Infosys has formally launched its Infrastructure Testing offering. This post is the story of how this offering came into being.

More than a year ago, one of Infosys' client organizations approached us for guidance on how we could help them in testing their IT infrastructure at an enterprise level. At that time, we did share with them our experience of various infrastructure assurance activities across various technologies spanning infrastructure management services and software testing services. But we felt this was more of a point solution and not exactly a cohesive offering.

This interaction had us thinking - Was this just a one off interaction or was there an actual implicit need in the industry?
If so, what did we need to do differently, in order to address such a need for infrastructure testing?

Some of the common statements we collated from various interactions were -
• We need help on our store servers certification
• We are facing challenges in conducting infrastructure validation as part of our infrastructure delivery cycles
• We want independent testing governance for our infrastructure integration program
• We are upgrading our applications platform from Unix to Linux that needs thorough platform testing
• We are virtualising our applications and packaging them to be delivered effectively, but need help on
• Can you help us in end to end testing for our data centre migration program?

In depth research on this topic and multiple discussions with Infosys sales and delivery teams led to the realisation that Infrastructure Testing is a white space - an unaddressed area that needed attention, optimization and innovation as well. There is sufficient focus on software testing, but focus on the testing of infrastructure components, projects and portfolios was lacking.

Armed with this knowledge, we set up a joint practice within Infosys to develop capabilities and an offering to help organizations in their needs for infrastructure testing.

Since then, we have come a long way in terms of development of comprehensive capabilities and best practices that assist in assurance, certification and validation of the infrastructure technologies and various use cases for infrastructure acquisition, migration and operation -be it Win 7/8 migrations, data centre migrations, enterprise infrastructure testing, application virtualisations, end user computing or any infrastructure change scenarios.

Business value achieved in terms of cost and effort savings, integrated business service assurance with benefits such as reduction of post release infrastructure defects; infrastructure defects containment and improved infrastructure reliability have been useful in satisfying client expectations and needs for infrastructure testing.

At the same time, there is a realization that we have just scratched the surface - it is a long journey that we have undertaken in our pursuit to help enterprises in building tomorrow's enterprise.

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