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Can you find that transformation pattern?

We live in a day and age of Infrastructure transformation. All kinds of IT Infrastructure from servers, network, databases and management applications are in the midst of a giant transformation primarily triggered by cloud technologies.

Just look at it. In Networking - one of the oldest domains, new technologies powered by SDN or what is known as software defined networking are re-making conventional networking paradigms. Virtualization is not yet done with the server space. NoSQL players are challenging traditional relational databases.

So in the midst of all these changes, IT organizations are seeking to drive new business cases built on newer stories of efficiencies, response times and costs. However will such a business case not be more compelling when one brings together these transformative technology elements into a 'transformation pattern'- i.e. a pattern that is deployed in a particular area and then scales out into another area of the organization?

So to clarify, what I'm talking about is not about replicating technologies- such as virtualizing 50% of the production servers that support business applications for business unit A and then repeating that successful project with business unit B. That is adoption of a new technology.

A transformation pattern is a distinctive change action that brings together multiple technologies to drive real value for the organization.

For eg- Earlier during this year, we worked with a large retail organization to consolidate their disparate far flung infrastructure elements into a single private cloud and centralize over a few datacenters. Post that we managed this private cloud infrastructure for the client. This involved deployment of different types of technologies, physical and logical deployment, the commercial model, defining the service management layer and so on. Given that the problem statement is applicable to related situations and organizations, we are recently finding ways of redeploying this type of engagement at other accounts.

In summary, 'consolidation and management of infrastructure over a private cloud' is a distinctive transformation pattern. It supports a bigger business case, drives high efficiencies and is compelling to IT and enterprise decision makers. In my recent conversations with industry analysts and clients, we are finding that this argument resonates really well.

Are there more transformation patterns out there?  I think a few more are evolving and I'm sure readers would be able comment what they have seen in their environments. In net the IT Infrastructure transformation journey continues. Finding the right patterns can accelerate the desired outcomes.

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