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IT service management in the times of social media

Published on behalf of Shalini Chandrasekharan


Social Media has made a big splash. And IT Service Management is no exception to it.

The explosive growth of Social Media in recent times has serious implications on the way IT services are consumed. IT users have come to expect the level of services available to them as private consumers in their professional spaces as well.

IT Service Management presents a good opportunity for organizations to leverage this upcoming trend in their workspaces. In the recent past, many of the ITSM product vendors have incorporated various fetaures related to this phenomenon. Greater collaboration in a multi-geography / vendor / team environments, and knowledge management are the obvious advantages, but there are additional opportunities to improve operational efficiencies using the social media platform.

In his presentation at the itSMF UK Conference and Exhibition, Shaju Lal Kurup from Infosys' Manufacturing Unit, will be focusing on how social media platforms can be harnessed to run and manage some of the common ITSM platforms.

The itSMF UK conference and exhibition is the annual conference of the IT Service Management Forum(itSMF) in the UK. This event attracts ITSM professionals from the UK and the rest of Europe. This year's event has a packed agenda on various tracks within itSMF UK. Click here to know more about this event.




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