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Maximize Benefits of Datacenter Initiatives

In recent times, many organizations have undertaken large transformation programs in the areas of Data center consolidation, hardware virtualization for multiple reasons like legacy modernization, cloud journey and to reduce costs through automation and standardization. Many of these transformation programs fall short of the desired goals.


One of the primary reasons, I believe is the scheduling of these initiatives in the overall transformation plan. It has been my experience that these initiatives are implemented in silos and not as one cohesive program. I have often seen Virtualization run as a standalone program while the hardware refresh is attempted as a separate track. Most of these initiatives don't seem to consider the impact on networking, software and security in the new datacenter.

Implemented in the correct sequence these initiatives can become force multipliers and they deliver exponential benefits to the IT organization.
In this article, I have tried to capture the parameters that need to be considered for making the appropriate sequencing of these initiatives and how these parameters are impacted if other sequences are chosen.

Let me know what you think about this.

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