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CIO Mandate: Optimize

Posted on behalf of Shalini Chandrasekharan

In his second post on CIO mandates, SVP and head of Business IT Services, Chandra Shekhar Kakal continues to emphasize the imperatives for CIOs.

Optimizing current IT operations is an ongoing enigma for CIOs. With IT operations consuming 60-70% of the average IT spend, it is no surprise that focus on IT infrastructure, and ways to gain additional leverage from investments already made, is gaining momentum.

With infrastructure hogging a significant bulk of their budgets, it's almost inevitable that CIOs must look to optimize this investment for greater scalability, flexibility and sustainability. Analysts believe, very soon, 3 out of 5 data centers will be less than half their current size, and yet process 300% larger workloads than they conventionally did. With the Cloud taking a giant leap in recent years, the possibilities for infrastructure optimization are only limited by the technology organization's data center strategy and road map, or the lack of it.
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