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Network migration as a managed service

Depending on whom you have heard, all sources would agree that mobile data services are witnessing exponential growth across geographies even though there is subdued growth in fixed line telco space. But a significant growth is forecast for the fixed broadband area. Ovum's recent forecast depicts fixed broad band equipment (on FTTx) sales revenues for 2011-16 to reach $44bn, versus their earlier forecast of $37bn for 2010-15.

So you may agree with me when I say that service providers would need partners to complete this transformation starting from ideation till execution of network/ service migrations including OSS integration. What are the possible methods of migrations in network space?

  • 'Soft' Network Migration - This involves migration activities inside the service provider's network that occurs behind the scenes to end users by implementing logical or 'soft' changes. In this case, the core network will be modified to complete this type of migration work effort.
  • Physical Migration (Connectivity or Access Migration) - The end user receives new connectivity to the new network. This migration may involve a change in access method however, there is no change in the services provided.
  • Product Migration (Service, Equipment and Access Migration) - This is a complete migration with customers changing service, access and customer end equipment.  The type of customer service, equipment or product may undergo a change along with the contract.

What would service providers expect from a managed services partner?

I'd say it may include anything from a customer/Point of Presence migration to a complete ownership of platform migration including vendor coordination, roadmap planning and reporting.
Do customers expect a manual migration? - Yes, but very rarely.

But they just might look for some additional points along with highly skilled staff -

  • A low outage migration methodology
  • Automation for batch migrations
  • Real time reporting
  • Expertise in scheduling and coordination in operations

What is your view - How can managed services partners bring about significant value add to telcos in this space?

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