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Chasing the G2C Dreams on Cloud

With the emergence of mobile and cloud-based technologies, governments in emerging countries can now provide government-to-citizen (G2C) services in a cost-effective manner.

Drawing on the power of cloud-based services, governments can improve governance and drive up the quality of services they provide to the public. This convergence in growth of internet and mobile penetration coupled with emergence of cloud as a pervasive computing platform provides opportunity for governments to use these disruptions as a medium for achieving their social and development goals.

Recent announcements by Amazon on creating a compute platform to enable federal agencies in the US to move workloads to cloud is an example of public/private partnership in enabling a safe, low-cost, and agile platform for government compute purposes. All this will ultimately enable governance.

However, emerging nations lag behind developed nations when it comes to adoption of such cloud-based Government-to-Citizen or G2C services. In this feature, I have discussed the challenges to G2C adoption in emerging economies and roadmap for the evolution of G2C services in such economies.


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