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Data center transformation - The next wave?

According to this report from Gartner, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to transform their data centers. In the report titled, "Competitive Landscape: Data Center Transformation services", Gartner reveals that the number of searches on the Gartner website for the topic has increased by about 358%.

The report also suggests that organizations are increasingly looking beyond simple hardware refresh but are also looking at re-engineering operating models and processes to increase functionality while optimizing costs. In this sense, there is a greater demand for consulting led solutions that organizations can streamline according to their requirements.

At Infosys, our value proposition involves helping organizations transform their data centers with a consulting-led approach. In addition, our intellectual property and solution accelerators help us provide a great framework for enterprises to gain the best return from their IT Infrastructure.

In this report, Infosys is one of the several vendors to be profiled. The report can be accessed here.

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