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Opportunities for data center outsourcing - Gathering momentum

(Published on behalf of Shalini Chandrasekharan)

According to the Symantec State of the Data Center survey, 2012, complexity in data centers is 'pervasive' leading to a host of problems including longer lead times, increasing costs and reduced agility in responding to business requirements.

Small wonder it is then, to see organizations looking out for options that will bring higher scalability and agility.

Data center outsourcing is one such option. In his interview with Steve Wexler of the IT-TNA magazine, Chandrashekhar Kakal, senior VP and global head of Business IT Services at Infosys, talks about how data center outsourcing can enable organizations to attain higher levels of scalability and agility as demands on IT outpace budgets and resources. The reality of today's situation is that organizations must increasingly look to data center consolidation and outsourcing as critical levers to achieve agility, as well as manage costs and service levels.

The article also quotes inputs from Gartner and IDC on the proliferation of data center outsourcing models including Cloud and Infrastructure-as-a-Service or IaaS offerings.

The full article can be accessed here.




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