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The Silver bullet for BYOD

Mobile workers and customers create new challenges and opportunities in the network space. BYOD is forcing a rapid WLAN evolution to handle the onslaught of new devices and applications on the access network. BYOD adoption seems to be accelerating day by day. Letting the iPad and other tablets onto your wireless local area network (WLAN) can create bandwidth competition that slows everyone down.

If the WLAN can't natively differentiate between vetted and potentially infected devices, the network is at risk. Wireless access points (APs) could be saturated with rogue devices, and DHCP servers are running out of addresses if IT does not have good visibility into how many devices are connecting to the network. BYOA trend is demanding a wireless LAN prepared to handle not just new devices, but the slew of new applications being brought into the workplace.

Organizations are trying to address this by redesigning and upgrading their WLAN topology, looking at solutions to improve the bandwidth and coverage, use of WLAN analyzers, spectrum analyzers and wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) to identify and measure the network impact.

So the question is - Do we have the silver bullet yet?  No, IT shops are instead patching together various tools that range from mobile device management (MDM) to network access control (NAC) and traditional management systems. How long do we need to find the perfect solution.? how are you trying to address this at your organization.?


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