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Achieving and sustaining Service Excellence

One of the most difficult challenges is in identifying where does the onus lay on driving Service Excellence? Should it be driven using a top-down approach or a bottom-up approach? In an IT service scenario, most of the service delivery governance or management teams are involved in 'fixing' operational defects and people management. Driving Service Excellence is largely reactive - it gets triggered only when something goes wrong.

The challenge increases manifold if the service provider embarks on a journey towards service excellence by managing a multi-vendor environment. The main challenge here is to align the path of achieving Service Excellence with the client's organizational priorities and objectives. IT delivery teams that work as individual silos in hope of achieving such objectives end up impairing the process of achieving Service Excellence itself. One has to be vigilant in identifying 'improvement opportunities' and carry out the necessary due diligence in understanding the impact. If the impact is widespread and positive for client business operations, then such desirable opportunities should be quickly exploited.

For a large program where Infosys embarked on the journey of achieving service excellence, the focus was on bringing transparency into service performance and we emphasized the value delivered by explicitly linking the efforts spent by IT delivery teams and the business outcomes.

Our next set of posts will reveal more on where to focus and how to overcome challenges. Watch this space for more!

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