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Automating automation

(Published on behalf of Shalini Chandrasekharan)


In their ever present struggle against time and resources, Automation, is one of the most potent weapons being harnessed by CIOs. Small wonder then, to see organizations such as Morgan Stanley plan to spend as much as $ 250 Mn on automation software in order to improve overall customer experience. 

However, simply investing in automation software may not be enough. While basic automation strategies for common repetitive tasks especially monitoring alerts, ticket handling and troubleshooting may be in place for most organizations, an expert system based tool could actually help automate the whole process of automation itself leading to even more efficiencies. The staff engaged in routine activities can be reassigned to high value activities.

It is with this backdrop, that Chandrashekhar Kakal, SVP, and head of Business IT Services unit at Infosys, talks about the implications of autonomics for IT operations in his blog piece on the InfyTalk.

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