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Driving down IT and Business risk from unsecured endpoints

In the Cloud and Bring Your Own Device (CBYOD) age, securing endpoints both inside and outside the corporate network is equally important. This is where Secure-Ops comes into play - ie the combination of secure practices integrated within regular service operations.


In the past I have written about how to deal with privileged IT endpoints. Again practicing sound IT Risk Management will lead one to the look at compensating controls which this post deals with.


Consistent processes drive effective controls. Change management is unique in that it is both a process and a control. The 10 questions for Enterprise change will open key areas within IT Service Management for further analysis. And it will complement evolving Trust Models for effective governance.


The 2015 Annual GRC conference is collaboration between the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA).


The conference is being held between Aug 17th to 19th at Phoenix, AZ and will be a great forum to learn more about emerging trends in IT compliance and controls.


I'm equally excited for having the opportunity to speak in my session on Aug 17th, 'Attesting IT Assets and key Configuration items as a pre-audit measure: The why and the how'.


More in my next post.

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