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Clinical Trial Supply Management: A Streamliner's Guide

There is a lot to understand in the new and exciting world of Clinical Trial Supply Management. For now let's focus on two major developments:

Virtualization of supply chain information. Large pharmaceutical companies have become reliant on healthy collaborations with contract organizations. These external parties focus on a good portion of the clinical trial supply process. But how does everyone involved ensure that the collaboration is indeed a compliant and efficient one? This is no easy proposition.

In fact, the CTSM solution by Infosys Lodestone helps life sciences enterprises get the kind of competitive advantages they need by leveraging cost savings and heightening productivity.

Big Pharma and medical device companies want to virtualize the information in the supply chain considering the collaboration with contractors. External contractors can update their serialized and lot-related information using Web-enabled technology so that virtualization of a clinical supply chain becomes more end-to-end. All manufacturing & distribution operations as well as clinical sites are all connected using Web access on the sponsor backbone system.

Contract organizations can also put the same Infosys Lodestone CTSM solution in place across their operations. Such an approach can increase the contractor's market share within the niche clinical trial supply market because sponsors will select such vendors for easy and standard integration with their own CTSM backbone. A CTSM solution can be also hosted externally. By that way, a contract organization does't need to internalize an IT department while benefiting from a industry-wide standard solution.

Electronic data instead of paper or labels. The Infosys Lodestone CTSM solution can support strategies to strengthen relationships with investigators or patients, such as providing fingertip access to critical information with easy-to-use productivity tools like smartphones, which make conducting trials less time- and resource-consuming.

Smartphone usage is ubiquitous in new trial regions such as China. These mobile devices are widely used by people of all age groups to communicate in transit as it is more cost efficient to send a text message than to place a call. One of the largest domestic contract research organizations in China has been routinely using texts to send reminder messages to investigators regarding planned site visits, as well as to patients to remind them of scheduled study visits.

This practice is extended for the electronic display of expiration dates by scanning two-dimensional barcodes with a smartphone instead of printed expiration dates on labels. The Infosys Lodestone CTSM solution is enabling such compliant and secure exchange of expiration dates over the Web.

These are just two of many reasons why a Cloud-based clinical trial supply management system is the best solution for enterprises looking to lower drug development costs.


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