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March 10, 2015

Bottleneck of one technology makes way for another; Oracle AIA!

Ever wonder how same technology in different way eases our business process. With the little Novel information how technology integrates different sources of information there by giving us the desired "right information".

Question directly comes what it takes to have the "right information"?

Responding this query forces the organization to identify and apprehend what information is desired to fully support the business practices critical to the company's triumph.

The clog is not in developing new revolutionary technologies, as some might believe. Rather it's in finding "revolutionary deployment" processes that would move available technology into widespread different use.

This vision completely comes into line with what our experience is while working with this telematics client; we at INFOSYS didn't invent any technology. We just thought-out out how to deploy it in optimized way, ORACLE AIA.

Utmost priority for any business is to track the Revenue for any HITS OR MISSES and main challenge on this while working with this telematics client was to integrate order entry and billing consolidation to know which and how many billing accounts have been dropped and why? For these two contrasting sources ORDER ENTRY (CRM) and BILING (BRM) we used an ORALE AIA view, which was already available with client, to consolidate the data in warehouse, order entry and billing consolidation was of utmost important and was achieved there by eradicating the need of multiple iteration to track every load in BRM before final bill is processed for every customer there by saving lot of time and effort.

Once a business has established a "revolutionary" business model that works truly well, technology can then play a key protagonist to hasten that business model, that's what was done.

The rudimentary necessity is to grasp how business processes are followed in industry; a business can then comprehend how information technology can be used as an accelerator to dramatically enhance those business practices.


Quicker ROI on BI, everyone's dream!!!


The importance of critical Business Intelligence (BI) lies with the bottom lying fact that whatever good or bad it delivers as quickly as possible. The basic objective for every organization is "Pervasive BI" correct information to the correct person at the correct time.

What is the "Right" Technology?

The selection of a method is a critical business assessment. With the present scenario and changing trends, businesses need bigger and faster access to more information to make quick and right decisions. The question is they getting it? Despite enormous expenditure worth billions of dollars on data administration and business intelligence tools, the solution in many cases might be No. With business intelligence (BI) solutions, an efficient execution isn't just economically smart--it has become a competitive obligation. The information organizations are looking for to manage business is constantly changing. The sooner they get access, construe and segment that information; the stronger their competitive position.

Two key reasons for turning software into a shelfware are fear of inaccurate information at end user level and annoying technological difficulty. These and other technical snags can quickly dispatch an expensive software solution to "shelfware" grade in an organization.

To avoid such inacceptable, annoying results; A Winning Alternative: Transform existing reports into live, actionable data. We need to have effective right-time business intelligence. Effective indicates that the BI is used to enhance routine functioning business does, and right-time signifies that this optimization happens at intervals that matches corporate requirements.




March 9, 2015

Business information in hands, just a click away!


It is vital for organizations to implement new tools and new technology, Mobility was one of those processes which business has not only used but has also been effected in larger picture on how different organizations use this technology and plan their business model.

Mobile has not only changed the world since its inception but it has changed the way too we use this device, Mobile has evolved all these years from mere a calling device it has now become a vivacious part of our daily task, be it personal or professional.

On top of it Internet has added wings to Mobile!! Now everyone has the liberty to access ANY INFORMATION be it Songs, google store, social networking, messaging, gaming, ecommerce and what not.

To best forestall and influence these rattling changes, an organization needs to recognize that there's a paradigm shift occurring in the overall marketplace. That means redefining the mobility needs of present-day business people for information access.

This give rise to few questions, the most important of which is what business people wants? Access to correct vital information at commercial feasible cost and that too through secured sources.

The better connectivity, control and flexibility to access the information the better the productivity by representing data in most meaningful way for business.

The answer to the above query is Oracle MAD(OBIEE MAD), a Mobile reporting tool by Oracle for today's business needs.

Ever wonder if your sales/business acumen team could access the vital reports related to their work and business while they travel on duty and away from workplace!!! Away in some remote area and you have your sales report at your mobile/Tablets? No need to come to office or open your PC/Laptop, just having your mobile connected to internet and you are good to go.

TARGET VS ACTUAL à a side by side comparison of the reports like Revenues/sales figures will help business decide on profitability vis a vis Order/Product type.

DEMAND AND SUPPLY ECONOMICS à having detailed info on Revenue by Product types, business can streamline the production and distribution cycle

GLOBAL VIEW à Detailed view of Parent and child entities, by looking at Revenue/Sales figures of offices spread across different geographies.

FORECASTING à Year wise Revenue analysis across dimensions, helps business in faster decisions.

WOW this is it, OBIEE MAD; with its features like drag & drop intuitive design interface, device screen & platform independent, enterprise integration with real time view of data, etc.

This is going to be a game changer for today's business and tomorrow world.


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