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May 26, 2015

Tracking Implant Device or Equivalent from Mobile Device

One of my favorite quotations is by the 18th century American statesman Benjamin Franklin, who said that for everyone "nothing is certain ... except death and taxes." His witty take on the drudgery of having to pay taxes is as applicable now as when he first said it 250 years ago. But today I would add another item to the list of life's certainties: regulations.

We live in a regulated world. Everything you see and touch and sit on and ride in is regulated by some government agency ... somewhere. To be sure, regulations can be very helpful - consider how regulations banning lead in paint as an additive has saved the lives of countless millions of people. Or the seat belt. Or the regulation that a sulfuric smell be added to colorless, odorless natural gas so that people could smell potentially deadly leaks.  The list goes on and on.

Nowhere is this playing out more blatantly than in the medical device arena. Three days ago, I was speaking to my client and she mentioned - she is not able to wear a wrist watch measuring her pulse rate as this devise needs to be FDA approved. And so the mobile phone apps. Across the globe, country's regulatory bodies (For ex: Food & Drug Association (FDA) in USA) has come out with a stringent list of regulations governing usage of medical devices. These are the kinds of devices that allow physicians to, say, monitor your heartbeat remotely. Manufacturers must meet all the classification, tracking, management, and registration guidelines for the medical devices they bring to market.

The medical device market is hot right now and there are lots of rising stars in this space. Those companies that will succeed are those that can overcome not only the stiff competition but also the near debilitating regulations that the FDA has mandated. Mind you, speed and next generation technology are very important to become successful, so meeting the desired timeline is vital in this market. What hurts manufacturers of high-tech medical devices is that each player of the entire supply chain of devices in both the commercial and clinical worlds (manufacturers, distributors, hospitals, patients etc.) are working in a disintegrated manner. Doing so creates an environment that smacks of lack of ownership as well as integrity for required information. Eventually, this disintegration will have a significant impact on the patient's safety not to mention on the brand value for the device manufacturer.

Infosys has developed technological solutions for both clinical and commercial medical devices. In the clinical arena, for example, the proliferation of mobile devices and the Cloud environment that uses next generation technology points to a holistic view of having an integrated solution for the device tracking. With next generation technology, end users would get an experience like never before to perform their tasks effectively and efficiently. Their sense of ownership also rises when they work in a more "user intuitive" environment.

Therefore, Infosys has developed technology that makes odious government regulations quite palatable. We've accomplished this feat by instituting end-to-end device tracking across the supply chain within or outside of manufacturer location. We also leverage next generation technology to enable mobile device applications. Plus, our "user intuitive" interface simplifies usage for business users and thereby improves efficiency. Then there's the part that would make a frugal scientist of the Enlightenment like Ben Franklin perk up and take notice: A pay-as-you-go model is available with our Cloud offering. It's amazing how being fully compliant with FDA regulations is simple and seamless when data integration and synchronization are involved. A medical device manufacturer asked a question to us - how much will you charge us to onboard a clinical trial on your platform? A different set of clients, very different business model and exciting programs waiting for us.

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