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Project Management Methodologies

Project Management Methodologies

The blog is first in the series and will cover the very basic concept which help people to understand the Project and Methodologies better. In this blog I will be covering only few basic definition.

Project: "Anything which will be completed in limited time and result in some product and service" is one of the simplest definition I can remember.

Project can be subdivided in Phases

  • Justify

  • Initiate

  • Plan

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Execute

  • Monitor and Control

  • Closed

Project Methodologies: The way project will be manage.


Plan Driven: As name suggest Planning is one of the important criteria. Everything is planned in details upfront and tracked later in the project. Change in the project is not preferred and are expensive. Ideal where complete scope is available.

Change Driven: Follow the iterative and incremental approach and only high level planning is done which will be sufficient enough for initial cost and time. Project Scope is develop with each iteration. Change is consider as good and last minute change is possible without increasing the cost much.

From : Manish Kumar

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