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Let's Begin your Legacy to Digital Transformation Journey [2/3]

In continuation to my previous blog about the involvement of Legacy Modernization to make the IT systems intelligent, today I will share my thoughts on how organizations can adopt Digital Solutions across the enterprise. Legacy Modernization is the stepping stone for any transformation journey. Let's have a look at some of the opportunities.


Legacy to Digital

Legacy systems present in an organization limit them from creating an agile environment and enhance process efficiency. Modernizing the same could mean cloud adoption, enabling DevOps, improved user interface, etc. that not only help build a competitive advantage with improved time to market and customer experience but also lead to Digital enablement. Let's look at some of the concerns this raises for tech. leaders:

Rapid globalization and increasing technical debts are important factors driving technology leaders to adopt cloud solutions across the enterprise to help create flexible and agile infrastructure for ease of deployment of applications. But one of the biggest obstacle arises from the fear of risk associated with migration, and return on investment.

Can the existing business logic be preserved after cloud migration?

Rehosting helps migrate application to cloud as-is, without changing the existing business logic and the code, using emulation software which drastically reduces cost and provides the same experience to the end users. If an organization has a vision for large, enterprise wide transformation but faces hardware lease expiry issue, a temporary fix is to migrate to cloud which would help customers avoid expenditure on scaling-up new hardware for growing business needs.

 Does cloud adoption only help in cost reduction?

  No. To reap the benefit of business agility in the cloud ecosystem, applications need to be re-engineered as cloud native. So, the application must be scaled across multiple nodes instead of monolithic code so they become fault tolerant and improve system elasticity, with the option of scale up and scale down individual nodes. Through microservices, the monolithic code can be broken down and services can be deployed independently.

Does modernization beneficial to the employees of the organization as well as improve customer experience?

The green screens associated with legacy systems act as a hindrance in enhancing the customer experience as these screens cannot be exposed directly as APIs to the external world. The legacy green screens lack the features needed for mobility and also incur significant employee training costs to the organization. These green screens can be modernized on to advanced technologies such as AngularJS, ReactJS etc. This will help organizations eliminate command based front-end with Dynamic Graphical User Interface (GUI) which improves employee productivity, and will also decouple the business layer to enable flexibility in adopting newer technologies.

Process automation

The traditional legacy system developers have monthly/ quarterly releases. But in the current dynamic business environment, speed to market plays a vital role in gaining market share. DevOps automates end to end activities throughout the project life cycle which can lead to faster rollout of products /services and enable continuous delivery and frequent customer feedback to improve the quality of service.


I do believe Legacy migration has almost become mandatory for organizations wanting to adopt digital solutions across the enterprise. In my next blog, I will share my thoughts on the role of Legacy Modernization in "Mesh" Strategies. Please post your suggestions and feedback, I would be very glad to answer all your queries.


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