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June 14, 2013

Let's get engaged!!

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Traditionally, the engagement period prior to marriage gives the couple time to learn about each other's likes and dislikes, their histories and their goals in life, and to begin creating shared experiences.  Many believe this period sets the marriage on a course for long term success!  Hmmm, sounds kind of like what our change management consultants do with our clients when we engage with them on their business transformation journeys. 

Our change management consultants engage with client stakeholder groups - executives, plant managers, finance and accounting clerks, call center reps, field sales, etc. - to understand their likes and dislikes with respect to current business processes.  The purpose is to capture changes in these processes and applications that will have a material impact to the way these individuals perform their jobs.  They take time to learn about the history of each stakeholder group as well as to understand their motivations, goals and aspirations. 

Our change management consultants also focus on creating shared experiences with stakeholder groups throughout the business transformation journey by helping them to learn about the new processes and applications, and begin taking hands on ownership.  All of these activities are part of the "engagement" period (a.k.a. the business transformation project) with the goals of generating trust and confidence in the new ways of working, as well as to set the organization up for long term success. 

But hang on, not so fast...does anyone really care about "engaging" these stakeholder groups?  Can't we simply write new policies/procedures and install/configure new systems, and then tell these groups to start using them?  Sure we can....can't we? 

  • Ever think to yourself, "Gee, I spent all this time and money rolling out this new ERP system but everyone is still using their old spreadsheets and doing things the same old way."
  • Maybe you have experienced the divine reality that "if I build it...they may not come or they may not use it." 
  • So you decided to deploy new mobile devices only to find that no one is using them the way you had hoped. 
  • You integrated your retail POS, ecommerce websites, distribution centers, and your inventory and supply chains to create an "OmniChannel" customer experience only to find that your retail store sales associates have no idea how to close a sale when that red pair of shoes your customer wants in size 5 1/2 is not sitting on the shelf.

These scenarios and others like them are all too common realities of business transformation programs in which there is little or no "engagement" period with stakeholder groups.  But do not despair my friends.  Infosys can help!!  More specifically our Organizational Transformation consulting practice can help.  You see, we focus on people engagement. 

While others in our firm focus on defining new business processes and designing and implementing new technologies our change management consultants work with the people impacted by all of these new cool business processes and applications.  We engage with them! We help them to engage with each other!  We teach them how to get the most out of each other and from their new ways of working.  We create shared experiences that lead to successful business transformation programs!

So, at this point I am hoping that you are asking yourself, "WOW, how does Infosys do that? How do they "engage" my people and create these shared experiences which lead to successful business transformations?"   Well, I'm going to tell you, but you are going to have to follow our organizational transformation blog series to find out.  Over the next few months our change management consultants will provide great insight into how we engage people and ensure successful business transformation programs.  These blogs will be organized around these main categories:

  • Organizational Change Management
  • Mobile and Social Learning
  • Learning Technologies

Stay tuned...our next Blog will be on "Winning at Enterprise Social Media in Five Steps".In the meantime, I'd like to learn about your organizational transformation experiences.  What worked for your company, what didn't?