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Different Ways to Deliver Communications


How often do you receive an e-mail and say, "I'll read it later?" Although we have about an eight hour workday, "later" can sometimes turn into, "I'll get to it eventually." So how can we email communication fatigue with our clients? As Change consultants, there are many components when creating a successful communications strategy, but a challenge I sometimes face is delivering the message in an innovative way.


On one of my previous projects, the client had several remote sites outside of their base location. There were numerous factors the Change team had to consider when organizing the communication structure. Some factors included timing, since many employees had atypical shifts. Along with communicating to the audience through email, we pitched the idea of communicating through voicemail to all users with a desktop phone. Our recommendation was to have a member of the executive team record a 30-second voicemail reminding users of the upcoming deployment, affecting their area and business unit. This was an effective form of communication because all end-users, whether they worked at the home office or at a remote location, noticed the blinking red light on their desktop phone at the beginning of their shift.


At that same client, we pitched other ideas on delivering communications in alternative ways. One example includes incorporating marketing material (e.g., door hangers, posters, etc.) at each location. Along with supplying each location with collateral, we also marketed our message through technology. After receiving many forms of approval, the IT department was able to change all employee screen savers, desktop wallpaper, and television monitors to our electronic marketing message. This method was also an effective way to reach our audience because all end-users are required to login to their work computers to complete their job assignments and all televisions are located in high-traffic areas (break rooms, elevator banks, hallways).


 Throughout the engagement, the client seemed to embrace our "new to them," forms of communication vehicles -e.g., using voicemail and electronic marketing collateral. Aligning a successful communications strategy with the client's needs, allowed the Change team an opportunity to incorporate different communication vehicles--which the client grew to accept.


I liked the idea of using voicemail messages for information. Thanks!

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