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7 Commandments Of App Marketing



The points are bang on. I see another important activity that can be included I.e., integration with the physical world. This would comprise live demos, stalls etc.. What do you think?

A good infographic covering the most of the fundamental concepts in Marketing. Particularly liked the inclusion of non-conventional channels like use of Viral videos and Social Media which have now become mainstream for the target audience who uses apps.

Perhaps, as a followup to this post, we can go a step further and provide a customized infographic for each industry - Ecomm, FS and Telco. Also, in my view, companies should go beyond just marketing apps as a "product". Instead, an app should be promoted more as a channel for the consumer to engage with the company.


Nisrine, saw the link on your LinkedIn profile update and seeing the graphic couldn't' resist reading your blog. V.Good Info-graphic. Extremely informative. Well done, good work.

Loved how a lot of information on App Marketing was presented in an easy-to-absorb infographic. Would like to read more about each topic and the how of it.

Kavita, completely agree with and see the point you are coming from, the online and offline activities needs to be in sync too.

Thank you for the comments , Naj. Point noted.

Nazir! I am delighted to see you here. Glad you liked it.

Succinct list of mantras for Apps to get out of the company of mundane millions and shine bright. Awesome effort Nisrine. Congratulations.

The points are very relevant for the ongoing App|Digital|Social revolution!

Few points from me:
- While an App is a great way of connecting to customers, not everyone would want to install an App on their phone (memory issues on the phone, maybe?). Additionally, developing Apps for different platforms is time and effort intensive (Native Apps or Hybrid Apps). Hence, a mobile-responsive website which delivers nearly the same experience/content as an App would be an added plus, as opposed to just a microsite that talks about an App and points the user to the App Store/Play Store for more.

- The page that this is blog hosted on REALLY needs to be mobile-responsive! I opened the page on my iPhone and had to pinch to zoom (whilst being in landscape) to view the contents.

Well done!

These 7 key point for app marketing are great, i will keep in my mind for future work and im gald to tell you about appfillip please visit.

The blog is good and the content is very helpful.

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