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Frontiers of Salesforce - Part 1: Salesforce1 Offline Edit

With the imminent release of the movie Star Trek Beyond, I admire our fascination with the adventures and experiences of exploring frontiers beyond known boundaries whether they may be in outer space or the deep sea. In the same spirit of exploration, as a Salesforce consultant I have recently had the opportunity to explore some of their newest offerings and wish to share with you my observations about the same.


As anybody involved with Salesforce technology knows, they release a constant stream of modules / products that involves catching up on a regular basis regardless of whether you are a practicing consultant or business user or a CIO. I've chosen three such topics for this blog trilogy.


While on the theme of movies, here's my tip of the hat to Netflix.  They have revolutionized TV binge watching by releasing entire seasons of popular series like House of Cards, so I wondered why not try the same for blogs. So, I am releasing all three blogs in this series simultaneously for your reading pleasure - Enjoy!


In this post, I will focus on the first topic, Salesforce1 Offline Edit. With the current version of the Salesforce1 mobile app, you can view and edit data in the app on your iOS or Android device while you are disconnected from any Wi-Fi connection. This is a capability that has been on many a wish list (including some of my clients) and it is finally here in a practically meaningful manner.


As the edit capability is still in Beta mode, I set out to test the waters for one of my clients by logging into the Salesforce1 app on my iPad and here are my observations:

·         If you already have an earlier version of the Salesforce1 app on your device, I suggest you reinstall it - it appears it did not automatically get updated from the App store and so the version on my iPad did not support the latest offline capability - so I had to reinstall to get the latest version.

·         If you are a field sales rep and intend to use the app in offline mode later in the day, I suggest you access the customer and other relevant data on your iPad that day while you are still online and then click on the 'Cache Now' button in the Settings section of the app - this will ensure that the relevant records will be available for you to view and edit when you do go offline later that day

·         If the Salesforce Org / Instance was setup such that little or no Salesforce1 focused configuration was done, then you will essentially be viewing the objects and data that is meant to be displayed out-of-the-box which means some features enabled for your specific business needs may not be active. You need to talk to your Salesforce Administrator about the same.

·         Once you do go offline, view data and make the edits that are permitted in the current version of the app, you will see an indicator on your screen that an update is pending. This is a cool feature as it lets you know that the system has noted your change and will apply the same when you get online again.

·         Thereafter, when you get back online again, the app automatically syncs up and your data is now up to date when viewed from any device.

On the whole, my experience was satisfying and I think this is a step in the right direction. If you are a field sales rep or a Salesforce Admin who has tried this capability, I welcome your thoughts / opinion about the same.


In the next blog in this series, I will discuss my experience with SalesforceIQ.

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