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BizTalk 2006 on Vista RC1

I recently installed Vista RC 1 and decided to give a try to installing and working with BizTalk 2006 on it. I am still trying to get it to work. Here are the details of what I have done so far.

Post Vista RC1 setup, which went off smoothly (I took the fresh install option than upgarde), I installed VS2005 and Office components. Then went on with SQL 2005 Standard Edition. During the initial machine configuration check SQL pointed out that IIS isn't installed. Since VS2005 now supports its own web server to run and test the ASP.NET applications on, it no longer prompts for IIS setup as VS2003 used to do.

Anyway, post IIS 7.0 setup (that's what we get on Vista), I went back to SQL setup and it still said that IIS isn't installed. This wasn't really a road block for me for trying out BizTalk setup, but I wanted to have SQL Reporting Services also working since one of the projects I am currently workings uses that feature along with BizTalk.

A little search on the net (it is amazing ! you can find almost anything on net) and I found the reason for SQL not detecting IIS. Check this MS support KB. Ensuring that I added these additional IIS features, I once again tried SQL setup and this time it detected IIS and all went off well.

Then I started with BizTalk 2006 Developer edition setup and it asked for installing the prerequisites via a CAB file. Considering Vista is another workstation OS and not a server platform, I decided to use the same CAB file that I had used for XP. You can download the cab file from here.

BizTalk setup and basic configuration went of smoothly and without further delay, I decided to deploy an application from SDK samples and get going. I started with the CBRSample application in SDK\Samples\Messaging folder. When I ran setup.bat, I got quite a few access denied. First one was while trying to create the required input/output folders and the second one was for SQL login failing using windows authentication.

The first error of directory creation was happening due to the new features in Vista called User Access Control. You can disable this via control panel (user accounts) and things will work fine. I disabled it to get my setup file to work. You should read more about this, prior to disabling this, here.

The next I had to tackle SQL login issues. This was surprising since during installation I had selected the mixed mode authentication option hence my windows login should have worked. Something wasn't right. I tried to play around with the configuration wizard to update the network and client configurations, but nothing seemed to really help.

For some reason at this time, I suddenly realized that I didn't had anti virus installed. Note that it would affect my SQL login, but nevertheless, this was important. So I installed the anti virus software, restarted the machine and now surprisingly I could logon on to SQL Server. I had found a similar issue being described here, but for me, I didn't had to create a login for myself separately.

At this time I felt that all was well and I can go ahead and complete the setup, but there  were more things in store for me. The setup could now create the directories, it could even build and deploy the BizTalk assemblies, and create the send and receive ports. However as a final step when I tried to use WMI to start the ports, it failed giving following error

A connection with the transaction manager was lost. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8004D01C)(HRESULT: 0x8004D01C). This was strange. So I thought since it has already created the necessary ports, let me directly try to enable these via BizTalk Admin console. However when I tried to view adapters, or refresh the group hub page, I got the same error about connection with the transaction manager was lost. It looks like the WMI provider that BizTalk 2006 is built to work with, isn't compatible with what is available in Vista.

Let me explore further and I will update this blog as soon as I find more information. First thing I will be now trying is install SQL 2005 SP1 and see if that makes a difference. If anyone has got this working and has any suggestions, do pass them along.

Updated: 8th November. I tried with SQL 2005 SP1, but with no success. I continue to get the same errors and it points to WinMgmt. I guess I will have to wait for Vista RTM. With the release of .net fwk 3.0 and Vista RTM announced, it should be just a little more time before I can try this out. Will update this blog shortly.


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