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Vista RTM

Vista RTM is now available for MSDN susbribers to download online and I am currently downloading it. The current reading shows it will take another 4 hrs for it to complete. Can't wait to upgrade my current RC1 to RTM and make this my OS to work on. What ever little I have worked with RC1, I am amazed by the great new UI support that it offers.

Note that UI isn't the only new thing coming with Vista. It has .net fwk 3.0, IE 7, IIS 7, user access control (UAC) and all that good stuff. One point against UAC is that it seems to support only dual modes - ON or OFF. I would have liked it to support some middle path also.


My attempt to download the image file was successful. I then tried to use ISOBuster to extract the files, but that didn't happen. Checking around, I found that I need to burn this on DVD, so that's what I did next. However when I then used it to install, the program failed giving an error while reading Install.wim file in the sources directory. Now the file is present but for some reason, the setup couldn't read it. So I can't install !! Guess will have to wait till my next MSDN shipment to get a DVD on Vista and then try intalling it

It turns out the error was due to faulty download. I downloaded again, used the daemon tool as suggested by fellow MVP and went ahead with the upgrade of my RC1 to RTM. You have the option of clean install also, but I decided to use upgrade so that my already installed programs and other settings will remain as is. The setup initially complained about available free space, which I managed to free up by uninstalling some unwanted software (but I also plan to use Partition Magic up re-size my active partition). Post this the upgrade was pretty smooth. It restarted the machine a couple of times, and overall took about 1.5 hrs, but finally I am now on Vista RTM and updating this blog from that machine. I see a whole lot of new icons and the graphics is really cool. Let get back to exploring Vista further.

Any inputs on when does Infy IT plan to upgrade laptops (and desktops) to Vista?

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