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User Access Control Elevation in Vista

I recently came across this nice article on how to get the UAC elevation request working for our own applications in Vista. There are however one or two additional observations that I wanted to capture.

First is that the behavior is seen when directly executing the application. If you compile and debug via VS2005,  you won't see the elevation request poping up. Additionally, if you run your VS2005 as Administrator, then the application will also run in that mode and hence the label will display "Yup".

The other observation is that if you disable the UAC via control panel for your login, the elevation request popup won't occur when you run the application (outside of VS also) or for any other application for that matter. This is also indicated by a regular icon for the application and the security shield is no longer visible. 


i just wanted to ask if i had an application that already had a manifest, how can i then add this manifest to my exe?

@Sherani, is this a third party application or an application that you are writing?

If it is your own, you can always edit the manifest file and rebuild the application.

If it is third party, you can try using the Manifest Generation and Editing tool (

I haven't tried but, possibly, setting a different compatibility mode for your application may also work. This is done via applciation properties (in Windows Explorer) and Compatibility tab.

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