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Roaming Profiles Implementation for SoftGrid-II

In the  "Roaming Profiles Implementation for SoftGrid-I" we discussed the concept of Softgrid roaming profiles for applications and it's contribution in achieving a true roaming user profile.

I will continue the discussion further and discuss a simple procedure to implement Softgrid Roaming profile in a test lab.





Windows roaming profile is implelemented already in the system 


Basic set up:


The Lab infrastructure is set up as:


1.       A Windows 2003 Server Machine with Active Directory installed with:


2.       A Domain


3.       Required User Groups with appropriate permissions and settings


4.       A Windows 2003 Server Machine with SoftGrid Virtual Application Server installed


5.       A Windows 2000 or higher machine with SoftGrid Client installed



All the computers are to be added to the domain on the Active Directory.




In order to implement the true Roaming User Profile with SoftGrid the following procedure is followed:



1.       On the computer that’s going to be the central share for all the profiles, create a folder share it on the network and give write permission to everyone on the domain, lets say the path is \\SERVER\Profiles


2.       In the Active Directory, add the new user which is meant to be a Roaming User, say TestUser


3.       Go to the properties for TestUser on the Active Directory, under the profile tab give the path to the user’s folder one level below the shared folder, e.g. \\SERVER\Profiles\TestUSer


4.       On the Client machine, go to the properties for the SoftGrid Management Client, for User Data Directory, give the path as %APPDATA% or the environment variable for any other folder that is a part of the profile, for example My Documents or Desktop


5.       Log off and back on


6.       From now on all the settings and files specific to the user are carried to any computer on the domain that he logs on to




Respected Sir,
I want to implement the roaming profile in my lab. please can you send the details of roaming profile and remote installation service.

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