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IIS 7 hosted sites not accessible from remote machines

Recently while working on my Vista machine, I was was working on a ASP.NET Web site and I wanted to have a colleage of mine have a look. Like always, I mailed him the URL and waited for him to view it and get back. To my surprise, he reverted stating he can't view it.

The error he was getting was "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". This was surprising since I was able to view the site locally on the Vista machine without any issues. This meant that IIS was configured and running properly. 

I tried to figure out the reason for this strange behavior since the IIS and world wide web services were all running properly on the machine. Turns out, it isn't really strange after all. It is one of those things done to make your machine more secure. To get this working, you need alter the default Firewall settings.

Run the Windows Firewall Settings Wizard (firewall.cpl) and in the Exceptions tab, scroll down and enable "World Wide Web services (HTTP)" option, as shown in the figure below. You will now be able to access the site properly. There is Support KB also on this, which I later found out.



Good info. Had the same problem. I am now able to browse my ASP.NET application from other computers within my own network. How do I enable IIS/Vista to allow other Internet users to access my application?

I guess/realize I/they need to know my IP address. (How do I obtain that btw?). Are there any other Vista Firewall settings I need to change/alter?

Really very good and important information regarding setting for IIS 7 and firwall restriciton.

Peter, if the PC is an official network, then they will typically not be directly exposed to the net as per corporate policies. If this is your home PC, then using the same wizard as above can help. Change the settings in the General Tab. However you need to ensure then that your PC is protected against hackers and also will need a static IP. on command prompt you can type ipconfig to get the current IP address details. Your service provider can give you a static IP

Thanx a lot, I was getting mad, cos did not know whats going on with my website. :)

Thanks, this fixed my issue as well. A million small things that can cause you an issue and only one bit needs to be flipped to make it work. Windows Firewall in Vista was Blocking Intranet Traffic to my IIS Server. Once I unblocked HTTP above, it worked fine, It's a shame that you can unblock a lot of things in Windows Firewall to All PCs, and just Intranet PC, this one seemed to require all or nothing.

Thanks Atul.

Your article gave me the direction to fix my issue. I have sharepoint installed on Windows server 2008. Sharepoint usually creates multiple websites which run on different ports other than port 80. Firewall was enabled on OS and even though HTTP service is allowed by firewall, all the sharepoint sites are not accessible from other machines on the network.

Your article gave me the direction that this might be a firewall issue and added port numbers that sharepoint sites are using to the firewall exceptions list.


Rohan, glad this helped you.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.
Nice One.

This was really helpful, was trying for three days, even my ISP cannot figure out what was the problem........

Thanks A Lot

Thanks for the guidance. Problem in accessing the website in domain network got solved.

Thanks a ton, it fixed my issue with in minutes. Thanks again Atul Gupta

Good one...
Thanx atul...
your article enable me to solve my problem..thanx again...

thanks, it really solved my problem

thank you.... it's working great...
i cant access files in my system which i have mentioned in href in a tag?

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