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VSTS (Orcas Beta 1) Profiler - Comparing Performance Reports

In my earlier blog I had looked at March CTP of Orcas and talked about performance reports and performance comparison reports and raised a few issues.

I downloaded and started to play around with Orcas Beta 1 today and thought of checking the performance comparison report to start with. I ran the same code as I did earlier and compared the reports.

The first thing I noticed is that the Performance Wizard and related menu options have moved under the new "Developer" menu. The highlighting for hot paths in the Call Tree view (incidently there is a "Current View" label also added before the drop down) has also changed.

The important change is the way the deltas are displayed. A negative delta between baseline report and new report, which signifies a reduction in execution time is now shown with downwards green arrow, while a positive delta is shown with upwards orange arrow (see the snap shot below). This is exactly opposite to what it was in March CTP.


I will explore this further and update this blog with the findings soon.

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