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Handling AppDomain's AssemblyLoad Event

In my earlier blog I had discussed about creating a new AppDomain. You may have a need to track the loading of assemblies in this newly created AppDomain. AppDomain class provides an event for this purpose called AssemblyLoad. However when I tried to work with it, I never got the event to fire up.

The catch is that the event handler needs to be static. When I had added the event handler via VS 2005 by using the tip that appears once you type "+=" after an event, it added the event handler as private void and missed the "static" qualifier. Due to this the event handler was not getting called. Once I added this, it started to work like a breeze. The handler signature will look something like the following

        static void domain_AssemblyLoad(object sender, AssemblyLoadEventArgs args)


            //add code to handle assembly load event here


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