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WPF Application Default Assembly Version

If you have worked with .NET 2.0 and VS 2005 and then move onto .NET 3.0 and WPF, be careful of the default assembly version. From .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0, a change was made to default the assembly version to in the AssemblyInfo.cs file, since the C# compiler would otherwise keep incrementing these values everytime you hit "build".

Seems like with for WPF in .NET 3.0, this change has been reversed, if you are working with the WPF Extensions running with VS 2005. The WCF and WF extensions still use as the default version. So if you are working with WPF extensions, be careful, else you will end up having always changing version numbers.

However this seems to have been fixed in Orcas. I checked with Orcas Beta 1 and the version number for WPF apps has again been defaulted to

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