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Silverlight on VS 2008 Beta 2 VPC

The other day I decided to try my hands on building a Silverlight application using the Alpha 1.1 refresh on my newly downloaded VS 2008 Beta 2 VPC. I built an extremely trivial application with a text box to display some text. However on running, I didn't see anything and didn't get any error as well. I played around with the text foreground color, visibility and opacity properties but no luck. I could see things fine in the Expression Blend.

So what was wrong and why was IE not displaying it. I then found that this is due to the Enhanced security configuration for IE. I didn't get any warning. Probably when the VPC was built the Continue to prompt when Web site content is blocked option was unchecked !! Anyway, removing the enhanced security configuration did the trick and the application started to work properly.

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