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BizTalk Server 2006 R2 on Vista

BizTalk Server 2006 R2 is now available. Introduction paper to this version is available here. Get a trial version of it from here. MSDN Subscribers can download it from the MSDN Subscribers download site. The latest documentation for this version is available here.

I had earlier blogged about getting BizTalk Server 2006 to work in Vista. At that time BizTalk wasn't officially supported on Vista, but I had wanted to test if it worked or not. The current R2 release is now officially supported on Vista. So I decided to give it a try again. I used BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Developer Edition and worked on Windows Vista Ultimate.

I downloaded the pre-requisite cab file for Vista from here so that I need not worry about active internet connection during setup. The various installation guides for this version are available here and I picked up the Vista specific document to aid me in my installation.

Running the Setup.exe and installing BizTalk Server 2006 R2 succeeded without any issues. I had selected the following options during installation

Server Runtime
    WCF Adapter
Portal Component (Not installed)
Aministration Tools
    WCF Administration Tool
Developer Tools and SDK
Additional Software
    Business Rules Components

In the Configuration Wizard, I selected Basic Configuration, provide the user details for the service configurations and went ahead. The configuration completed successfully. Post this I ran the BizTalk Administratation Console and got no errors. Like in previous case, i decided to first try the CBRSample (default path - C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\SDK\Samples\Messaging\CBRSample). I ran the setup.bat file and it built, deployed and configurated the application successfully. Via the Admin console i also added appropriate filters for the send port. See my earlier blog for details on this. Finally I placed the inputs messages in the IN folder and got the processed messages in the respective CAN and US folders.

Like before, I then picked up CallOrchestrations (default path - C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006\SDK\Samples\Orchestrations\CallOrchestration) and ran the setup.bat file provided. This sample also was built, deployed and configured successfully. The execution also went on fine and the InputPO.xml was processed and placed in OUT folder. However just as I had noticed earlier, this sample still doesn't use the Application concept that was added in BizTalk Server 2006 and still gets added to BizTalk Application 1.

Overall getting BizTalk Server 2006 R2 to install and configure on Vista was pretty good experience !


Dear Atul,
I have been a silent but regular listener and gainer from your blogs. Though I am not currently working on BTS but am surely working on another Integration tool called BOOMI (if you have heard about it).
Question 1 - If you remember the posting by Eddie Churchill way back in 2005(, he mentioned about the 'Solution Designer'. I was excited about this feature/product to come out in BTS2006 and then in BTS2006R2, but am not sure if this is still there in this release. Could you please confirm if its a hidden somewhere within the product OR is it going to be in next release with other improvised DSL tools and GAT packages. Also if you have any news about - Will 'Whitehorse' ever come to us? Is MS planning to release all in a single pack in future.

Question 2 - I also read your article with Vikrant and Hriday on - Task performance on Biztalk Server 2006 with SQL Server 2005. That was another of your good stuffs. I was actually looking for a similar comparative study for SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) with the performance of DTS Packages in SQL 2000. Kindly pass on some information or ariticle about it.

Lastly, let me congratulate and thank you for a wonderful job of posting these informative blogs. Thanks for those ASAP links.

@Tabish, thanks for the compliments.

A1. I had seen that video earlier last year and also another one that covers how the mapper has been enhanced to handle complex maps. None of these was meant to be part of BizTalk 2006 and R2 is more like extension to BizTalk 2006 to bring in .net 3.0 support and new adapters. I am not sure when the next version will come out, but we can hope to see the designers in that version.

A2. As for SSIS and DTS comparison, I will pass on something if I find something. They are not areas of my expertise, so I don't actively pursue them. I guess if you search online, you may get some references.

In my opinion SSIS is highly advanced ETL tool, which DTS was not. Significant changes. Many of the transformations available in SSIS are not even there in the DTS. DTS was just plain transfer of data from source to destination without the scripting. The complex transformations were possible only through the script component.

Do have a look at the below link for more information on this.

Atul & Virendra,
Thanks for your replies.

Sure. I shall look forward to it. Thanks.

You are right. SSIS is even more than just extended DTS 2000. It gives flexibility for building even highly customized, scalable and performance oriented package building capabilities for Data Integration.
Thanks for that link.

Hi Atul,
Would really appreciate if you can help me out in this. I have successfully installed BS 2006 R2 on vista, but when I try to configure it - I am receiving errors. I have been trying this since last 3-4 days without any success.
I am wondering where exactly I have gone wrong. Please help.


@Nitya, can you share what kind of errors you are getting and then based on that i can possibly suggest some alternatives?

Are you using the basic configuration or the advanced configuration options?

Please let me know from which site can I download biztalk 2006 R2 trail version. I am trying since long time. Not found even a single link.

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