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Most of the developers today understand that it is all about authoring good JavaScript code to create good ASP .NET AJAX applications. It is infact true. However, there is an attempt from Microsoft to make this AJAX programming a much better experience in future. XML Script is a step in that direction. So what is XML Script?

XML Script is a declarative language that is added to the ASP .NET markup code. It is used to create the JavaScript objects at runtime and set the necessary properties and behavior for them. In Web based programming, we can separate the markup and style by creating a CSS file. In ASP .NET programming we can separate design and behavior in the markup file (.aspx) and code-behind file (.aspx.cs or .aspx.vb) respectively. XML Script does exactly the same to instantiate JavaScript components by using the declarative script language.

So what is so good about XML Script? Here are a few advantages:

- Being declarative itself one advantage. Will have semantics.
- Designers can be easily built for declarative code.
- Any declarative language is more expressive. This is no Exception!
- Avoids the need for us to deal with multiple event handlers, but keeping the object property values synchronized

XML Script currently is a part of the ASP .NET Futures package. It is not officially supported by Microsoft as of now. However, it will be good for the apetite of a programmer. The ASP .NET Futures package (CTP) can be downloaded from here.

Watch out this space for more on this.

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