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Expression Blend issue with Globalized WPF Application

Recently while supporting a project on converting their WPF application for globalization and localization support, we faced an issue in being able to work with Expression Blend 2 Dec preview. We used the recommended approach for globalization and localization and after doing all that Expression Blend failed to load the user controls in design view.

You would get an error like this - "MissingSatelliteAssemblyException: The satellite asembly named yourassemblyname for fallback culture 'en-US' either could not be found or could no be loaded. This is generally a setup problem. Please consider reisntalling or repariring the application."

This was surprising since the specific assembly was already present and the application as such was running fine. This then had to be an Expression Blend specific issue. Usually assembly load issues are related to the path from where the assembly is loaded. In this case, it hence appeared that Expression Blend was most likely looking at its own installation folder to find these files.

This was confired when copying the contents of en-US (inside of bin/debug or bin/release) to Expression Blend's install folder helped solve the issue. Default install path for Expression Blend 2 is - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Expression\Blend 2 December Preview.

Note that the folder en-US and its content need to be copied. Directly copying the assembly doesn't help. As per the globalization logic, it still looks for a folder by the name en-US. Additionally, after copying the folder and assembly, you need to re-start Expression Blend. It doesn't automatically load the assembly is Expression Blend is already running.

Later I found a similar discussion here and so it does looks like a confirmed bug with Expression Blend 2 Dec Preview edition. Hopefully this will get fixed in next CTP.

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