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Expression Blend 2.5 still has some issues with Globalization

Last week I had blogged about an issue with Expression Blend Dec 2007 Preview when working with Globalization and Localization. Yesterday at MIX 2008 Microsoft has launched Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview along with SilverLight 2.0 Beta. For a list of all the products announced during MIX check here.

With the new version of Expression Blend available, I went ahead and upgraded my machine with it and decided to give it a shot for the Globalization issue I had faced earlier.

The good news is that the bug seems to have been fixed and Expression Blend is now able the load the Window and UserControls targetted for globalization and localization without issues. However, I had a case where I was using an ObjectDataProvider in my XAML. Something like

        <ObjectDataProvider x:Key="mtcList" ObjectType="{x:Type GenericWPFApp:MTCList}" x:Uid="mtcList_12" />

The x:Uid got added when I modified the application with MSBuild to add the Uid tags. After this Expression Blend again started having issues in being able to load the particular control to which this ObjectDataProvider was data bound to, as can be seen in the following figure.


This can however be easily fixed. Since the ObjectDataProvider in my case wasn't affected by Globalization and localization, I deleted the x:Uid attribute and Expression Blend once again loaded the control without issues.

Usually any specific localization logic will be inside fo the object referenced by ObjectDataProvider and hence we will not need explicit globalization and localization for it via XAML.

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