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Satire: Harri Developer and the Knowledge of Domain

This is a sad story. So please do not laugh.

Harri was born a developer. People say, the baby was born with a Silverlight spoon. When he was three weeks old, he wrote his first ‘Hello World’ application.

XYZ Inc. hired him instantly. In just another fifteen years, he would report to XYZ Inc., as the youngest developer to lead their trillion dollar initiatives. His overjoyed parents poured him with affection, taught him his first alphabets – A, B, C – A for Address, B for Binding, C for Contract;  and the next three alphabets – W, P, F. “Gimme code, gimme code”, he would mutter in his baby talk whenever he felt hungry. His parents fed him imported coffee from Java served in a Shell decorated with Ruby, and he had a massive appetite.

Fifteen years later...

He stepped into his office where he was recruited fifteen years ago, with drumrolls and trumpets. He was shown his high tech cabin where he paused to look around and took his seat. ‘Gimme code, gimme code’, he said in his deep throated adolescent voice. The big guy at XYZ Inc., introduced him to Mr. Finpert, who was their expert in all financial affairs. ‘Mr. Finpert will take you through all the requirements of our trillion dollar initiatives. You have eight months to create a software that will do magic and is customizable enough for any future miracles that may or may not happen. ‘Gimme code, gimme code’, Harri kept saying. Mr. Finpert was amazed at this prodigy and wasting no further time, quickly took the seat beside and started explaining.

“The software you’ll build will serve international banks and insurance companies to adapt to changes in their environments, as well as manage risk and ensure regulatory compliance. Here’s how...”. Thus spake the master.

The next few hours the prodigal developer was disillusioned by the wrath of his own genius. What he was hearing wasn’t part of any language his parents taught. While he wanted to hear what’s public and what’s private, what’s the service, what’s the controller, what’s input, what’s output, Mr. Finpert was bragging about some guy called Dow Jones and why we should worry about him. The shock was imminent and he suddenly started feeling strange in his head. As the prodigal developer, he knew what that meant – he was having a memory leak.

The lesser technical Finpert’s words sounded, the more his memory leaked. His eyes were reduced to a mere pixel, and he could barely see. He fell face first and crashed into a carton of hard disks.

Moral of the Story: You may be a born developer, but without Domain Specific Languages, software development only becomes harder.

Inference: (Er, on a more serious note) Just understanding the technical nitty-gritty can only go so far. When the perspective of “Domain” is absent, the resulting software would always be far from the ideal.

In the next post I’ll discuss more on the “Domain” perspective of software development.

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