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Office 2007 - Word has stopped working !

Yesterday while trying to open a DOCX file, my Word started to crash. Everytime I would open, i will get a message saying "Word has stopped working". However i tried to open the document, this kept on happening. Checking event log took me no closer to the issue

The message was "Faulting application WINWORD.EXE, version 12.0.6211.1000, time stamp 0x46d4a7df, faulting module wwlib.dll, version 12.0.6212.1000, time stamp 0x46e03d42, exception code 0xc0000005, fault offset 0x000210c6, process id 0x1738, application start time 0x01c8b579a153ac6b." with an EventID of 1000

I then tried to open a DOC file suspecting something had gone wrong with DOCX and that too caused the crash and needless to say Word had been working all these days. I hate it when things start to go wrong with no obvious reason. 

I was sure that there no devil's hand at work, so what went wrong all of a sudden? I then noticed "Connecting to Printer, Press ESC to Cancel" in the status bar when loading the document. Since I was travelling my default network printer was no longer accessible. Hmm ! Was that it? I set my local Microsoft XPS Document Writer as default printer and all seemed to be fine again. Word was able to open the documents without any issues.

It is strange that Word tries to connect to the default printer on startup itself. Ideally this should not happen till I really try to print. Afterall I was just trying to read the document !!


Even if the default printer is not available and you are trying to print, Office should not crash. It should probably display a warning message.

Vijay, what you are saying is what i would also expect it to do, but that isn't the case. Would it be possible for you to try this and share your findings?

I had the same problem and the same solution pretty much. As soon as I set the default printer to Windows XPS, word began to open. I did have a message eventually that my Dell 5100cn printer driver was causing the problem, and I'm downloading new drivers at this moment, but it is a problem with the printer driver for sure. I'm not at SP1 for Vista yet either, so can't blame the Service Pack this time.

Joe, did the new printer driver help you?

I have a HP printer which I purchased recently and am using the latest driver that I downloaded from their site.

But the real issue is WHY is Word waiting for my non-existant printer (I'm on a train, no printer nearby...)?! And why is there no mentioning of this at the Microsoft SUpport site?

I've been having this problem regardless of which "real" printer driver I'm using. If I use a "file" printer driver of some sort Word opens just fine, but then I have to reselect my real default printer when I want to use it. Not a solution.

I have downloaded the latest Dell drivers and still have the problem.
If I choose a different Dell printer no problem. Must be with the 5100cn drivers.

Thanks a lot for figuring this out. The same problem occured to me today. After trying several solutions from other websites (changing registry entries, etc.) changing the default printer did it for me.

Jim, maybe on Dell it is specific to 5100cn, but this issue isn't Dell printer specific. I have HP P2015d and have issues with it.

I have now made the XPS printer as default and switch to the actual printer while printing. Not an elegant solution, but better than having Word crash on me everytime !!

I uninstalled the printer that was causing the problem and reinstalled it. Now everything works fine and I can use my preferred default printer.

I had the same problem and the same solution worked. The printer I am / was using is HP LaserJet 3600n. I am running Office 2007 with XP SP3. Anyways, I am not sure who to turn to - Microsoft or HP?

You are all life savers! I tried the regedit and worked on it for 1/2 an hour and nothing worked...deleted all the printers and everything's up and running again!

Wow, thanks guys. I tried everything including reinstalling office after I lost use of word and powerpoint. I kept getting the same message of "microsoft ****** has stopped working ". All the other sites I have been to, told me nothing useful. Turned out I had added a wireless printer from my school to the list and it was being picked first all the time causing the shutdowns. Being that it is right in the middle of final exams and a lot of my notes were in those files, you all have saved me a lot of stress. Thanks again.

It worked for me. There was no message from vista about printers, and after trying to find a solution for over 2 hours, I tried to change the default printer and it worked...thanks a lot, it really helped at such a critical moment :)

After removing all printer drivers it works fine.

Thanks a lot!

I have the same problem, Microsoft Word has stopped working. I have changed the default printer but still face the problem. Please help.

I have tried reinstalling MS -oofice and also clearing the registry and tried many solutions. Lastly this worked for me also by making the default printer to MS XPS Printer.

Hey just so everyone knows, I was having a similar problem in the last few days. Then something in the article made me think. I recently installed the Uni's wireless printer on Vista, although this problem didn't start occuring right away. I never checked if it said anything about trying to connect to a printer, but sure enough when I checked my default printer it was set to the Uni's wireless. I changed it to my home printer, and everything appears to be fine. Office has been running for a full 30 mins straight! Normally it crashes after 30 seconds. Thanks for the info, makes no sense but it worked.

I have had major problems with Office 2007. Only Excel has been working. After playing with the Register and having no luck, I simply removed a Xerox network printer, and everything is now working!!!

I am also having a problem with Microsoft Word not Working. I just get a blank page, with no toolbars or anything to be able to use Word.

I get no error messages and it appears 'stuck' in that it takes a couple of clicks on the 'Close' button, to shut it down.

I have done the regedit but it hasn't made any difference.

Please, please, please does anyone have any other ideas. I need Word for my work and it's really becoming a big problem now.

Also, I would mention that I would do a System Restore, but that hasn't worked for over a year - even if I do it in Safe Mode - so not sure what's happening there either.

Thanks to anyone, in anticipation.

Janet, any other pointers? When you start Word, can you try and check for any messages in the status bar. Maybe that will give some idea? Else see if you get any more information in Event log?

If nothing else works, maybe you can try re-installing !!

The registry fixes did not work for me. After reading about printer problems, I thought perhaps my laptop computer (with Win7) might be confused about the default printer since it is moved between networks often - especially since it appears that Word tries to locate the printer BEFORE loading.

So I changed to a default printer that is always available (send to OneNote) and the problem is solved.

If you have Adobe Professional installed, that is a good default printer, too. Otherwise, try the Microsoft Document Writer. You can always select a connected printer when you are ready to print your document.

Since the problem also affected Publisher and PowerPoint, they also are repaired.

I wonder if this error has been reported on computers that are not relocated?

Stop Print soppling service in services.msc console.

But this will disable you to print your document.

Also upgrade your windows as well as Office 2007 service pack.

thats wht helped me.

I had the same problem, Windows 7, Office 2007 SP2 and a default printer of DELL 3110cn. Then suddenly MS word starts failing. I uninstalled office 2007 completely and reinstalled a couple of times before I found this article......

I fixed the problem by changing my default printer to MS XPS as suggested above. When is MS going to fix this problem...ever?

This is fixed for sure in newer version of Office and Win 7 also offers a cool new feature to enable this behavior. Check this -

Also looks like that with the latest service packthis issue is resolved as I didn't face this in recent times.

It solved my problem faced for the last 2 weeks. Thanks Alot Guys.

Yes, the printer problem is true even when trying to set headers and footers.So be carefull!!

I have windows 7, and Office 2007, and one moment Word was working the next it wasn't. Tried the change of the default printer, again same message, Word has stopped working, then trying to recover, fix may take a few minutes, then Word has stopped working and the only option is to close the program. Will try to uninstall and reinstall as my next try, but if you know of an alternate solution, or if this reinstall doesn't work any solution would be useful to me and others that get the error. Thanks in advance.

Arthur, the issue I had faced was when I was on Vista. With Windows 7 I haven't faced any issues. BTW you may want to see this -

Incidentally, I am now using Office 2010.

I too had the problem of Woord 2007 sopped working. After a lot of messing around I decided to clone my hard drive in preperation to a complete wipe & reload. The clone had issues through the process so i decided to run a check disk.. The result was my problem with word was resolved.

I had the same problem when updating to Windows 7 still using office 2007. Both word and powerpoint would not start. I was using the same dell driver for a 3110CN color printer that I used on Vista. The support folks at Microsoft narrowed the problem down on the 4th phone call (7 phone hours later). After updating to the latest Dell driver everything worked fine.

thanks Atul , i turned XPS as my default printer , then it started working.. It was most probably bcoz of the netwrok printer. because after installation of this printer only , the problem started.
Thanks again.

Thanks a million guyz, worked fine after changed the default printer.
(WIndows 7 Professional + Office 2007 Installed)

Hotfix for Office (KB974991) Microsoft Corporation 'might/will' solve the MSWord 2007/default printer issue.

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