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Why I Love Working with the Betas...

Software in Betas are generally funny to work with. You never know what would work and what would not, when your machine would crash, what existing applications would stop working. And add on top of everything – lack of documentation. Worse still – incorrect documentation.

Well, that’s all part of the game once you are entrusted with the job of exploration, an Amerigo Vespucci of technology, and you sneak into unknown territories, click on anonymous buttons, read through documents that cry to be spell-checked, crash your applications, reboot your machine and sleep with title-less dialog boxes circling your eyes.

Funny, ain’t it? And if you think that would be funny, then get a load of what happened this morning. So, we are one of those nice people of the noble Amerigo clan who set out with another expedition to explore the latest kid on the technology block – the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta1. And one of my colleages sent me a mail “I was trying to install .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Beta1 and got this message :).”


Funny Error Message


And that, my friend, is just how every exploration begins. A funny behavior where the installation asks the installation itself to be closed to proceed with the installation. You figure. I love working with the Betas.

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