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IE 8 Beta 2

I just finished downloading IE 8 Beta 2 and installed it. I hadn't tried the Beta 1 as yet so was pretty excited to check this out. During installation it showed that some windows update patches were also being installed. Post that I encountered the famous restart now to let the changes to take effect dialog. I did restart.

It did some configuration before restarting and some immediately after restarting and I logged on to go ahead and start working. Alas! Things aren't always easy. My email (outlook) won't connect to exchange server, my communicator didn't connect to communication server and IE refused to open any sites (intranet or internet) and showed a message to "Diagnose connection problems".

I was really taken aback! The network card took quite a bit of time to get the IP address, but even after that, nothing worked. Running the diagnose didnt help. I refused to believe that installation could have done something, so I logged onto my other desktop (which is still running IE 7). Everything was working fine there so there wasn't any sudden loss of network connectivity. My email, communicator and internet access all was working fine on this other machine.

Strange! I hate it when things happen which I can't explain and this was very much one such scenario. So I tried another time tested remedy. Reboot!! and voila, all was back to normal and the sun started to shine again.

This one additional reboot later, I am now happily working with IE 8 and even able to write this blog and publish it. Good luck with your experiments with IE 8 Beta 2.


I have this exact issue with a pc that I have IE 8 installed on. In this case this is an older pc and is also used as a print\file server. After most (not all) vista updates it does the restart and shows the install x of y screen and then no network connectivity. I reboot and bang it all works again. I wonder if they are the same issue and I swear I did not have the issue before I installed IE 8 Beta 1

Steve, I would really like to find out, but unfortuantely don't have the bandwidth to spend time on this to figure out why this happens. I guess I will just live with having to reboot again for now !

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