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Installing Visual Studio 2008 SP1 RTM

Earlier today I downloaded VS 2008 SP1 and also .NET framework 3.5 SP1. The framework SP1 installed without issues, but the VS 2008 SP1 failed. When I looked into the log file, it said something about KB945140 failed to install. I searched online and was surprised to find this pointing to VS 2008 SP1 Beta. This didn't made sense. Why would RTM version point to Beta version?

On looking again at the VS SP download link, I realized that the RTM is still with the same KB number. Now this did made sense. I guess when it didn't install earlier, I was just a bit taken aback and hence got confused with the KB#.

However there was something that caused the installation to fail. Somehow the log file though pretty descriptive, didn't give much clue. I have working on Silverlight 2.0 Beta 2 as well, so then thought that this might cause some issues. But the release notes say that the SP1 will work even with Beta 2 installed, though one will have to install the Beta2 bits again. Now that's a bit funny. If it does work with these bits already installed then why install them again? The installation preparation tool also didn't complain this to be an issue (see more details here), but, I didn't want to take any chances so I removed it.

I also decided to give Windows update a shot to ensure that all earlier patches have been installed. Since I run Vista Enterprise Edition, the updates are managed by System Admin and running Windows update either showed no updates to be installed or some error. It also had another link that said "Check online for updates from Windows update". I selected it and it started by updating Windows update software itself and then suddently showed a list of 22 patches that i had to install of which 20 were recommended. My spider sense tingled and I decided to install the recommended updates.

With all updates installed and a system restart later, I was back to installing SP1 and this time it seemed to do something. It started to show "Installing VS90sp1-KB945140-ENU.exe" and the progress bar almost didn't move. I kept my fingers crossed and around 40 min later, the service pack installed successfully. In the initial 15 min or so, the progress bar almost doesn't move, thus giving a feeling that the installer is stuck up, but a little patience and it all worked out. BTW, during setup, it did ask me for the original installer from where I had installed VS 2008, so don't forget to keep that handy.

So if you want to install this service pack, you may want to do this during your tea/coffee/lunch break.  

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