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Reflector needs registration

There will be probably very few out there who haven't heard about Reflector and don't use it. Earlier today I noticed this blog that mentioned Red gate acquiring Reflector. I proceed to the mentioned site. I noticed that the latest version if 5.1.3 and I had 5.1.1. so I clicked the "Download your free copy now!" button.

Interestingly the tool may still be free, but laying your hands on it isn't that easy anymore. You are now required to register to download. This is a bit of a damper. I will eventually register and download the latest, but having to register to get the freely available tool earlier !! I don't like it.


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Just use the "Check for updates" option to get latest version w/o registering...

Thanks Corrado. I did realize this later :-)

Thanks Atul for this blog and introduction to Reflector:)

Could diagnose and solve a problem ( related to naming of resources inside the dll ) using reflector

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