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SQL 2008 RTM depends on VS 2008 SP1

If you have been following updates from Microsoft, you would already be aware that SQL 2008 RTM is finally available. I also downloaded this version from MSDN subscriber downloads and asked my team (who has been actively following up on all earlier CTP releases) to use this version and get going.

We were surprised to find that we could not install SQL 2008 on our dev boxes since RTM depends on Visual Studio 2008 SP1, which hasn't been released as yet (expected next week). We could very well install this on a box without Visual Studio, so this, fortunately, wasn't a major roadblock. Read more about this dependancy here.


Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET 3.5 SP1 have also RTMed now and can be downloaded from MSDN subscriber download site -

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